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Search engine optimization in Calgary is proving to be more difficult as the Google’s algorithm gets increasingly smarter.  You really need to be able to put yourself in the shoes of a search engine analyst and create a quality site first and then make the appearance of a highly recognized and respected site second.  This is really the job of the SEO.  To make your quality site seem of even higher quality and relevance.

Unfortunately many of the companies offering SEO services have a less than stellar reputation, and accordingly it can be easily to stumble across which are more concerned with profits than actually helping you get to the top of Google. I hope in time these companies will just lose clients and ultimately go out of business.

But now I have decided it is time to share with you the knowledge that we have the advantage in that we are aware of the latest developments in the field. This blog post disclosing and discussing follow these handling techniques misleading promotion SEO company.

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It’s important to note that the list is not exhaustive, but if over time and identify other such unprofessional practices, we will include those in this article. We have classified these techniques into three categories: practice of lying, the “black-hat” SEO (the ones that are penalized by Google) and the third category consists of half-truths.

Companies that make modest claims and deliver results like help the reputation of the industry.

“Keyword guaranteed to be in the top 10 results on Google”. First, optimizing a website is not an exact science and position it holds your website in search engines unfortunately depends not only on online strategy experts. It depends largely on the search engines themselves or what your competitors are doing and always. Secondly, due to continuous changes in Google’s algorithm, even if today your site is on a certain position, tomorrow there might not be. And last but not least, you have to ask: what kind of keywords you’re guaranteed to be in the top 10 results? There are billions of keywords that people use to search in Google Search, and most have very few searches. So if you’re in the top 10 Google results for keywords that have fewer searches, the likelihood is that you will not notice a big difference in your traffic and therefore your business in the figure. So to stay away from companies that will guarantee that you get “in the top 10 results on Google” as a professional Calgary SEO company like will never promise more than they can deliver.

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“Optimization of website for an unlimited number of important keywords in your domain.” One thing is clear: with a limited amount of content you can not optimize a website for an unlimited number of relevant words, because you risk Google to penalize your site for “keyword stuffing” (overcrowding meaningless keywords in content) . For this reason you should choose SEO services which include identification of relevant keywords for your business that have an acceptable amount of searches that are most likely to generate conversions. Depending on the amount of content that you have / you will have on your site, website optimization process will include around 10 keywords.

 Matt Cutts talks about SEO:

“We are Google partners”. Although there are companies labeled as “Google Partners”, this simply refers to services provided through the Google AdWords advertising, and in no way related to the Google optimization and organic results, so do not let yourself misled.

The past few years have been very difficult for many businesses and just trying to stay out of the red has been tricky. Want to know more about what SEO has become Visit

“We promote any site on any keyword to the first page in Google”. I’m not saying you can not, but as in the previous case, we must be careful to differentiate between Google optimization and Google advertising. Usually such a statement is about paid online advertising and run within Google AdWords. This means that you will pay to show up in top results on Google and once quitting pay, get everything there from where you started in terms of positions keyword traffic and sales. Such online strategy is suitable generally short and medium term (up to build organic traffic), while investment in website optimization is a longer term.

These are the things you should be aware of when researching for a small business IT support company or a quality Calgary SEO company, as no reputable business will tell you something like this.